Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vacant again Spring 2010

Unfortunately Bill's 3-year teaching contract in Himeji is coming to an end this spring. He has been the perfect tenant.
As our schedules are very different we seldom bump into each other, so to have a chance to chat, we have had to make plans to have dinner a few times a year. He has never had any complaints about the house and said he really doesn't want to have to move. Good luck with your new job, Bill!

Now hopefully I can find another quiet, reliable person to sub-let. v(^_^)v


Edna said...

can you also accomodate a married couple? we dont have kids yet..

Kayly said...

Sorry m(_ _)m

I wish you good luck finding a great new home.

B. Rosenberg said...


I'm a research student at Kobe-Dai, wondering if you're still looking for someone to fill the vacancy. I only need space for myself and some books - you can contact me at my Blogger page (which I've just set up).

Kayly said...

Hi B!

As you do not have any posts on your blog I can not figure out how to leave a comment sorry. Please try again as the place will be vacant again from this Sunday (^_^)/